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Bringing you health,beauty, and youth through acupunture and laser treatment, we are DANA acupuncutre.


Without any severe bleeding and painful side effects of surgical therapy,our non-surgical acupuncture procedure provides an elastic,nature-friendly option that will preserve your beauty.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

GABI (4D Miracle Mask)

Our Philosophy


Holistic cosmetic molding works in harmony with the body’s yin and yang which reveals the problem areas that require attention. We reduce and slim areas of excessive development and release areas of contraction so it looks natural.


We offer a short treatment period and immediate results after surgery. Our emphasis is to use a natural alternative instead of artificial implants to create a more beautiful you.


Anti-wrinkle treatment,lifting,size reduction, and elasticity improvement are the major benefits of holistic cosmetic surgery. We cater each procedure to the individual to improve the overall effectiveness and experience.


At dana acupuncture,your worries about forehead wrinkles,brow wirnkles,straying crow’s feet,facial selling,neck wrinkles, decreased skin elasticity,sagging jaw line,dark circles, wrinkles around the mouth,etc. Will be put to rest. We want the success of our treatments to support your healthy and vibrant life. We will take care of you.


Laser Treatment

Auto MTS (Micro Needle Therapy)

Results & Recovery



By using herbal cosmetic acupuncture, you can immediately Straighten wrinkles and drooping skin caused by aging and the maturing body. You can expect to simulate the production of collagen in the dermis and increase the elasticity of your skin, in addition to smoothing out both shallow and deep wrinkles over time.



Permenent Tatoo

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