What is holistic cosmetic acupucture?

The human body has a total of 14 meridians.

Among them, 8 are connected to the face. Within the 8 meridians there are a number of acupuncture points. As the body ages and weakens, the skin at these facial meridians and pressure points contract causing various problems including sagging skin and wrinkles.


Holistic acupuncture works between the dermis and subcutaneous tissues by using a needle to restore new fibers and cells. This technique not only eliminates wrinkles but creates a semi-permanent skin to play an important role in the formation of the face line.

This smas layer works in the soft tissues of the skin to elevate its resiliance to sagging skin and can be put into effect quickly.


The advantage of holistic cosmetic acupuncture lies in its safety and effective non-surgical plain therapy. In addition, you can expect the increase in elasticity and collagen production in the dermis to unfold shallow wrinkles naturally.