Permanent Make Up


What is semi-permanent make-up?



Using a similar technique to tattos, semi-permanent make-up utilizes a specialized dye intended to calm the skin and minimize skin damage based on the natural reproduction of the skin.

Semi-permanent make-up starts to lift out of the skin from 6 months to 3 years and will eventually fade out completely.

This revolutionary beauty technology works in sync with the lowest part of the epidermis. Because the epidermis skin cells at the base level is slow to metabolize, the make-up will fade within 3 to 5 years. Considering its semi-permanence, Semi-Permanent make up stands out, apart from permanent tattoos.


Semi-Permanent make-up and tattoo differences.


In general, tattos are intended for to stay in the skin permanently with the eventual discoloration that must be maintained with regular touch-ups. However semi-permanent make-up looks natural within the skins layer and works in harmony with the skin’s regenerating process. Eventually fading out within approximately 3 years, as the skin continues to renew over time.

Of course, as the make-up is semi-permanent, If you desire the continued look, another procedure will be necessary after a certain period of time. But this is also your advantage. The semi-permanent make-up causes minimal damage to the skin and dermis and overall, is a crucial benefit to the health of your skin. Also, as your taste in make-up develops, you have the choice to change your look accordingly.